How it's done.

A more technical explanation.

  • At a random point during the week a snapshot is taken of every single Solana wallet holding a Lost Ape (your Lost Ape must be delisted)

  • It checks how many Lost Apes they hold, what Lost Apes they hold and the metadata of each Ape.

  • The script will then query the Solana Blockchain by looking at the wallet token holdings and check them against our hashlist of 4,000 Lost Apes.

  • It will then calculate the specific wallets earnings: quest_earnings = random.randint(lower_bound, upper_bound). In the case where there is a multiplier: quest_earnings = quest_earnings*1.25.

  • Once the script calculates the earnings it then uploads it onto our database and records how many times each quest was completed by the wallet.

  • The web app then pulls the information from our database and sends out the $TLA reward amount.

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